Starting the Year Right

Posted: February 12, 2013 in Rants & Raves
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What’s on your new year’s resolution list? This will be my first in a long time to be actually listing down my resolutions for the year. A huge part of me thinks making a list would be deluding myself but hopeless pessimists like me have got to have faith sometimes. Even the Little River Band thinks it’s time for a cool change. Desperate times my friend. The Chinese New Year may have compelled me to reconsider my 2013. I’m thinking it’s never too late, yay! So, with that in mind, I’m going to list all my resolutions down here, impromptu.

1. Leave all the baggage of last year behind. No looking back, only forward I go. This is a little tricky and hypocritical to me, ever the devil’s advocate. When you still feel the pain caused by circumstances of the previous year, do you not look back? The best reaction may be to shrug it off and keep moving forward? When wounds and scars of last year remain to be a constant reminder, how does one eradicate such a baggage? Hmmm, tough.
2. Quit smoking. For real. Now this I could probably achieve. I mean, there are a number of self-help articles all over the internet that could get me by, aren’t there? Laughing to myself, this one has repeatedly made it to the top of my resolutions for a decade now. May be this time…
3. Travel more. There are just so many places I wish to explore, so little time and funds. Well, I’ll make time now. A separate piggy bank for travelling might just help too. Note to self: make a separate list for target travel spots.
4. Write and read more, and start painting again. These are the passions I have grudgingly neglected after marriage. Fortunately, this blog has got me covered on the writing part. I recently acquired an ebook reader, and more than 300 ebooks waiting to be read. A recent discovery, I could actually squeeze in a bit of book time every now and then. With a firm resolve, I should have the time to start painting again too. Get the canvasses ready, move over Van Gogh!
5. Get back to the gym. Get fit again. This one I need not elaborate further. When looking at your reflection remains shattering, you’d be able to gather enough fortitude to lose the fats and get inside those lovely skinny jeans once again. Two years of emotional eating does one no good. I just might throw a party when I finally shed the extra pounds.
6. Talk less, listen more. I’ve learned that you learn more when you listen more; and that less talk leads to less mistakes. Believe me, I learned this the hard way. This is very difficult for someone as chatty as me. Cue Lady Gaga’s Born This Way song. May be I’ll just write my thoughts instead. Surely writing about them and talking about them are two different things, right?
7. Save for the rainy days. Every day seem to be a rainy day lately, hence the lack of savings. So maybe I’ll save for the doomsday instead? I’ll be a prepper. Right. I might even be featured on National Geographics’ Doomsday Preppers show. Hah! Seriously, how does a woman resist those lovely boots temptingly displayed by the window of those heartless shops? Oh, and those fabulous branded leather bags! Be still my heart. It’s settled then, less shopping equals more savings. But seriously though…
8. Visit my parents more often. When social visits become obligatory visits, you really can’t blame me for the lack of trying, can you? Between the progression of my father’s Alzheimer’s and the imperviously constant nagging of my mother, to survive an hour in their company is something short of a milestone these days. Try harder. Fine, I will. In my head I’m stomping my feet and pouting my lips like there’s no tomorrow.
9. Make new friends. Keep the old ones. As you age, I realized it gets more challenging to make new genuine friends and keep the old ones. Life seems to have gone too hectic to squeeze in a cup of coffee with friends every once in a while. People seem to have grown to be too much of a cynic to actually entertain making new friends these days. Cough, me, cough. If I could just convince the owners of Starbucks to build one on the next block, that’ll be super!
10. Dance to music more, and dance like no one’s looking! I miss this. I miss dancing in the bath, dancing while driving, dancing while Facebook-ing, dancing while getting dressed, and basically dancing while doing anything that makes it possible to dance. In my opinion, nothing could relieve stress better than dancing. Bring the beat in!

There. It’s official, I’ve made my vow. If you could only see the smug grin on my face, I’m just too proud that I’ve finally made my list. It isn’t so hard really. I might add one or two more as I go along life. I’ll keep you posted about the implementation. This is one commitment I hope not to break. Have a little faith. I will be all about positivity. It will be an awesome year, and I’ll be a more awesome person. Yay!

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