Live A Little. Laugh A Little.

Posted: February 13, 2013 in Alopecia - Life of the Bald
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A few of the scenes at the gathering my husband and I attended the other day:

Questionable Gender

Kid to her mom: “Mom can I call her Uncle instead of Aunt?”

By “her” she meant me.

Mom to her daughter: “Why would you ask that?”

Kid to her mom: “Because she’s bald and she’s a handsome man anyway.”

Glad she didn’t throw in the words hunk, masculine or manly along with the “handsome man” compliment. Just so it’s clear, I was sporting a sexy pink tank top, denim shorts, a red beanie and red strappy sandals, all made up w/ chandelier earrings to match with.

Long Lost God Parent

Me to my 3 year old goddaughter: “Do you still remember me?”

Adorable child to me: “Ummm…”

Clueless after nearly a year of not seeing me, that’s understandable. I had to push though.

Me to my goddaughter: “Come on, who am I?”

My goddaughter then gave me a huge smile and uttered the word: “godfather”.

Right. GodFATHER. I had a strong desire to squeeze her so tight, and not because I’ve missed her.


While playing catch up with my sister in-law:

Sister in-law: “So why did you shave your head?”

Me: “I had to. I have Alopecia.”

I then showed her the bald spots around my head.

Sister in-law: “Oh well, I have been suffering from grey hair lately. I’m getting old. Look!”

She then eagerly showed me a few strands of grey hair. We’re of the same age. Bless her.

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