Valentine’s: A One Day Love Affair

Posted: February 15, 2013 in Rants & Raves
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As soon as my laptop comes to life, the first window I usually open is often dedicated to my Facebook account, my stalking prowess always getting the better of me. I wasn’t too surprised to see my newsfeed invaded by an assortment of pictures of all sorts of flowers, in all sorts of colours. Almost felt like the twilight zone, except it was Valentine’s Day. I fought the urge to run to the nearest garden in my neighbourhood and snap pictures of their flowers just so I could upload my share as well, or not. Between the lovely flower pictures, some of my Facebook friends have actually managed to squash in a few dinner pictures. Great, they ordered steak for Valentine’s! How sweet is that?

No, I’m not the Grinch of Valentine’s Day. I’ve no plans of stealing heart’s day; you can breathe now. You will find that I’m actually in love with love once you get to know me on a personal level. You’d be thrilled to know that even my husband and I celebrated this day in our own crazy way. You bet we did; if chick n’ chips and pizza delivery, and a few games of monopoly can be called that. He let me won in Monopoly, shouldn’t that count? We’re just not the mushy schmaltzy type of couple. Wait. Now that I got to think about it, five years married and we never really celebrated Valentine’s in all its soppiness. Are we not normal? Is our relationship doomed? Eeek!


I can’t help but wonder if all these flowers and fine dining were only brought on by the pressure of this much hyped hearts day, where men are expected to make a romantic effort and women are expected to, hmmm, expect. Wine and dine us. Send us flowers and chocolates. But please, do it on ordinary days as well? Surprise us. Make every day Valentine’s Day. That can’t be too hard. Ok, may be every other day then. It doesn’t always have to be something fancy. Leave us a sweet note by the bedside before going off to work. Buy us that cute little something you saw on your way home, simply because it reminded you of us. A surprise breakfast in bed, perhaps? Oh, and nothing can be sweeter than out of the blue emails / texts / tweets of sweet nothings just because. I should stop before my husband gets any more ideas.

Let me be clear though, these soppy gestures should work both ways. Ladies, start working it, be the goddesses of love! There’s nothing wrong with sharing pictures of your Valentine’s Day. Really, they’re lovely. It will be nice to see such romance every day though, won’t it? At the end of the day, it’s still the little simple things that count the most and it shouldn’t be a one day affair only. Hand in heart, I sigh and smile. Love.

***I thank the gods of love that my husband got this message early on; I may or may not have expressed these expectations loud and clear before locking him down. Oh, and I try to do my share of schmaltz too.

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