Some people simply wince, frown, roll their eyes, make a fist, probably gnash their teeth, or groan a little louder than usual when annoyed, in wonder, negatively amused, or maybe feeling resigned, but me? I scratch my bald head. I hold on to my scalp with one hand as though some profound wisdom will dawn on me by doing this, in the hopes that I would have my answers to all these things that puzzles me. This past week, these are a few of the thoughts that made me:

1. Why oh why do people feel the need to pretend to be something they are not? Is it due to the pressure society has brought on us, this “need” to conform to the norms so we will be considered “normal”? I’ll wear stilettos (that make my feet hurt like hell) because it’s the fad. I’ll go to church on Sundays and sit quietly through the mass (as my mind wanders on trivial things I deem more important than the homily) because this is what a good Christian does. And when the group laughs at your joke, I’ll laugh too (even when I don’t understand a single word) because I’m a team player like that. On the other hand, most people pretend to be better than what’s considered typical too. Is it because we need to feel different or special at the same time? Is it innate in people to compete with our peers, and to inwardly feel superior than the rest? Ah, so the neighbor has a new car, I’ll buy one better. You speak 3 languages? I’ll top that with my expertise in Kendo, Jujitsu, Arnis and Capoeira. Who needs language if you can’t physically defend yourself? So I scratch my head at the need to be considered “normal” and be superiorly different at the same time, and at all the pretensions and hypocrisy involved in between.

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how peeved are you by the lack of social etiquette some people exhibit on networking sites? People chatting on your wall about things unrelated to you or your posts? An unsolicited advice made publicly (so to speak) on your timeline? Flooding your news feed (or timeline) of nothing but nonsensical, copied, banal or outrageous pictures and rants (I may be guilty of this at some level)? Nasty comments to a completely innocuous post? Ah, this one is the most thrilling – being tagged to unflattering pictures and messages? Personally, I’m a believer of the “live and let live” way of thinking. You can always unfriend or block these obnoxious ones; and if this isn’t an option, there’s always the magic of putting them on your “restricted” list and filtering your News Feed (this option I have, quite frankly, used and abused over the months!). You can’t expect people to make it their duty to post only those that would please you, naturally. Also, it is always nice to be able to keep tabs on your friends and not-so ones every now and then; it is, after all, a social networking site. However, what makes me scratch my head (and quite a few times, makes me want to bang my head on the wall) is when these nuisances start to penetrate my own Facebook wall or Twitter timeline (this would be my backyard / lawn in the real world!), the horror! Perhaps Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey could make social etiquette a part of the “terms and agreement” before new members are signed up? In an ideal world…

3. How uncommon is common courtesy and common sense these days! From elderlies feebly standing on the trains while healthy young passengers are comfortably seated, to neighbors disruptively slamming doors and blasting music in unholy hours accidentally on purpose (I live in a condominium, imagine how noise can easily reverberate), and of course, unflushed toilets in public restrooms (eew!). I could go for days enumerating the lack of common courtesy I’ve encountered these past few days really. Have we seriously become this much self-important to be bothered with the concept of considering others aside from ourselves? Too lazy, too busy or too selfish maybe? Oh dear, what would become of us in the next years to come.

I have to stop myself while I still can before this post turns into a book. I would like to think that I am not the type who is easily irked by things as such. I may be guilty of these faux pas one way or another, too. But let’s face it; one can only take so much, yes? And my bald head really is starting to ache already.

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