Mocking Innocence

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Fragments
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Photo credit: kittysyellowjacket

Photo credit: kittysyellowjacket

I give you another crazy snippet from our downtime weekend.

I was happily web surfing on my laptop, seated on the foot end of my side of the bed, my back resting against the wall; while my husband is on his side of the bed, not unusually glued to the tube. Our feet were almost touching, but not quite.

Suddenly I felt skin tapping several times on my toes. I looked up, and the tapping stopped. A quick glance at my husband showed his display of intense concentration on the TV. Hmmm…

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Again, I looked up, and there’s a vision of complete innocence from my husband. His feet were a few inches far enough from mine, carefully placed on his side of the bed.

Two can play at this game!

With a mischievous grin, I reached my right foot towards his left leg, mercilessly pinching him with my toes as many times as I could. He looked at me, laughing hard while in pain.

Husband: “Stop it!”

Me: “You stop it!”

Husband: “Stop what? You stop it!”

Me: “Stop messing with me! Stop it! Stop it! Or suffer from the wrath of my pinching toes!”

My husband then reached out to me and said: “Kiss?”

Laughing to myself, I happily gave in and replied: “Fine! Kiss.”

A quick delicious peck on the lips, then I was back on my laptop, and he was glued back on his TV show.

Clearly, anything can be resolved with a kiss (if only North Korea would agree…).

A few beats later, my husband’s at it again, tapping my toes silly. I gave him my best version of a stern look, and there he was at his finest hour of mocking innocence.

This means war.


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  1. so sweet! glad you had some down time with your hubby, attack toes and all. I’m sure you’ll settle this “war” (when he least expects it!)

    • ice says:

      Thank you for your vote of confidence Dianne. I may be browsing on my Sun Tzu’s Art of War book to ensure victory in this on going “battle”. Haha! ;)

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