Dad and Me


I went to my parents’ house yesterday morning and this was how I was welcomed…

I asked my mom if they had breakfast already, she said yes and that she already went upstairs to my dad’s room to give him his breakfast as well. I then went up to my dad’s room for a quick check.

DAD: I’m going to die here. I may be dead already.

ME: Why? What made you say that? (I noted that for a dead person, he seem to be doing fine.)

DAD: They’re not feeding me here. I haven’t eaten in days! (“They”, meaning my mom, nephew and sister, who temporarily stayed with them while on vacation.)

I found this to be odd as I’m always updated of their food situation and supplies. I also know that both my mom and sister won’t let this fly.

ME: But they feed you all the time. Mom, despite her knee injury, goes to your room all the time to give you food. My sister cooks for you as well. So how come?

DAD: When? When did they feed me? They feed me NOTHING BUT AIR.

ME: Ok… as long as the air is cooked well, why not? (I then scrammed to my sister’s room to avoid my heart from further breaking.)

A couple of hours later, we had lunch. My mom, again, prepared his food and delivered it to his room. When we were all done. He went downstairs, to the dining area…

ME: Have you eaten your lunch?

DAD: What lunch? I haven’t eaten yet.

ME: Well, mom delivered a plate full of AIR for you…

Ugggh! Alzheimer’s.

I tell my dad I love him. I show my dad how much I care for him. But none of these matter to him now. It only takes a few seconds for him to forget any good deed I might have done for him. It only takes a few seconds for him to go from hot to cold, a father to an enemy, good to bad… Like chasing the wind, it’s a losing battle. None of it matters now.

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