picture this

Picture this: My husband and I, happily strolling at the mall and just going about our shopping business when suddenly three children between the ages of 7 and 10 surfaced in front of us. No big deal, right? Except these children were pointing their fingers at me, calling me “baldy” while laughing their hearts out. Funny – not. Grabbing my husband’s hand and ignoring the children, we ran to the nearest shop for refuge. Lo and behold, the children ran after us to continue laughing at me and calling me names. Where were their parents when I needed them? And why can’t things like this happen in secluded places where there won’t be people to witness me butcher these children? Fortunately we were relatively near our parking space, so we ran towards our car like I was running after my sanity.

Picture this: My family and I, having an awesome time during our dinner out, al fresco style, when suddenly a group of rowdy people behind our table decides to talk loudly about Alopecia in its goriest detail. They’re voices were loud enough to be heard across the next restaurant. And as though that’s not enough to ruin an appetite, they had to point at me from time to time. Would I ruin my family’s night over this? No, thank you very much. Oh boy, was I glad my face was conveniently hidden while browsing the menu.

Picture this: My best friend of decades suddenly chose to distance herself from me, coincidentally right after I’ve opted to shave my head smooth and silky bald. Imagine getting occasional text messages from the same culprit only to ask when I will decide to grow my hair back. Notice the word used was “decide”, like this Alopecia was all me and all I have to do is decide against it. How very thoughtful.

I am bald. Yes, I don’t have hair, and may never have them ever again. I try to be patient with ignorant people, but this patience may run thin as well. So yes, two things I don’t have now: hair and an abundance of patience to ignorance.

Now picture me mad, really mad (with a huge smug grin on my face).

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  1. Sylvia says:

    I believe you are beautiful Ice! I don’t know you, but I am constantly astounded by your grace in facing your life. It’s okay to have those days when you are fed up with the cruelty of people young and old.just remember they obviously don’t know, or obviously want to know, the you that isn’t your hair!

  2. Stephanie says:

    You’re a beautiful woman, Ice, hair or no hair, and I’m sorry that you had to deal with ignorant people, bratty kids and shallow friends. :(

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