About Ice

Ice, as she’s called by her friends, is an unfashionably bald 30-something year old woman, enjoying the delights of Alopecia Areata, imperfectly married, an affectionate daughter to a father w/ Alzheimer’s, and a bookworm who’s blissfully living in the Philippines. She has an unquenchable thirst to write about her misadventures, trials and tribulations and inconsequential opinions about life and the like. Blogging is a way for her to banish all the demons in her bald head; a means to purge all jilted thoughts. Perhaps to inspire? Or to challenge? Either way, she truthfully means well.

She loves to hang at the beach, finding the sound of the waves hitting the shore soothing to her soul. And no, she does not swim. A perfect day for Ice would be one spent by the seashore, basking in the sun with a good book, a glass of Mojito in hand, and her Akita dog, Sakura, lazily spread out by her feet (Incidentally, Q. what do you call a witch who likes the beach but is scared of the water? A. A chicken sand witch – BOOYAH!). Oh, and she tries to be funny too!

The following are a few of the things that drive her slightly crazy:

    • unnecessary noises (e.g., rowdy chatter, sound of chair legs scratching the floor, people chewing loudly, banging / slamming of doors, tapping fingernails etc.), though it’s not as bad as Misophonia YET
    • phone calls, text messages and emails of no substance, i.e. forwarded messages that tell you you’ll suffer from misfortunes (or hell) if you don’t forward the same message to the rest of the world
    • trips to the mall with no intentions of buying anything (spare thy aching feet!)
    • the dynamics of in-laws
    • the rarity of common courtesy and common sense these days
    • people living in glass houses casting the first stone
    • Facebook
    • waking up before ten in the morning (this is just unacceptable!)
    • people who stand outside your bedroom door to ask “if you’re awake” and actually expect an answer (seriously)

The following are some of the things that make her do her happy dance (not a pleasant sight):

      • her dog learning new tricks
      • steaks and salmon sashimi
      • trips to the flea market, winning “haggling battles” and taking home great bargain finds (and then bragging about them later to friends and family)
      • discovering new “doable” recipes and successfully cooking them to her husband’s delight (or fake enthusiasm)
      • giving and receiving lovely surprises
      • Christmas carols and playing Santa Claus
      • setting foot on uncharted territories, new adventures, including business ventures – the anxiety, exhilaration, and anticipation
      • laid back weekends involving DVD marathons, a huge box of pizza or a bucket of fried chicken (or both), and lots of cuddling and snuggling
      • winning hands at Texas Holdem Poker (especially in an all men table)


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