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When I learned about Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy operation to prevent breast cancer, my first thought was: woah, that’s extreme! Then it got me thinking, will she have her ovaries removed next to prevent ovarian cancer? Colon, to prevent colon cancer? How about brain cancer?
Having learned now that her mother died of breast cancer, I’m a little more enlightened of her decision. I am now losing my father to Alzheimer’s disease and I just might go to extremes myself (if I can) to prevent the same disease from consuming me. You have to understand the fear that grows in a person when they have witnessed a loved one taken (an understatement) by such an illness.
I DO find her decision “heroic” just like most people do. I admire women who take charge of their lives, those who does not comfortably take the back seat and just watch life happen. You conquer your fear, you get proactive, but still.. to what extent? How far should one go?