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picture this

Picture this: My husband and I, happily strolling at the mall and just going about our shopping business when suddenly three children between the ages of 7 and 10 surfaced in front of us. No big deal, right? Except these children were pointing their fingers at me, calling me “baldy” while laughing their hearts out. Funny – not. Grabbing my husband’s hand and ignoring the children, we ran to the nearest shop for refuge. Lo and behold, the children ran after us to continue laughing at me and calling me names. Where were their parents when I needed them? And why can’t things like this happen in secluded places where there won’t be people to witness me butcher these children? Fortunately we were relatively near our parking space, so we ran towards our car like I was running after my sanity.


When I learned about Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy operation to prevent breast cancer, my first thought was: woah, that’s extreme! Then it got me thinking, will she have her ovaries removed next to prevent ovarian cancer? Colon, to prevent colon cancer? How about brain cancer?
Having learned now that her mother died of breast cancer, I’m a little more enlightened of her decision. I am now losing my father to Alzheimer’s disease and I just might go to extremes myself (if I can) to prevent the same disease from consuming me. You have to understand the fear that grows in a person when they have witnessed a loved one taken (an understatement) by such an illness.
I DO find her decision “heroic” just like most people do. I admire women who take charge of their lives, those who does not comfortably take the back seat and just watch life happen. You conquer your fear, you get proactive, but still.. to what extent? How far should one go?

I’m a thirty-something adult now, and every day I keep wishing that someone has warned and equipped me with enough wisdom to help me survive this thing called life. So I am writing this to the child that I was (yep, that 3-year-old seductress in the picture was me!), in the hopes that someone out there could actually benefit from the little knowledge I have learned so far.

Don’t rush growing up. Believe me when I tell you this, nothing could ever surpass the joys of being a child. You are probably feeling so helpless now; feeling responsible for your parents’ troubles and unable to do much about it with your very young and innocent mind. Sweetie, none of these problems was your fault. Their problems were never yours to mind in the first place. You are a child, go and play with your friends – that is what you are supposed to do. Let the grownups do their thing. And if they have failed your expectations in any way, know that they, too, are children sometimes. They could be just as clueless as you are too. Forgive them, for in time you will see that everything happens for a reason. Know that there is a much bigger scheme in this life you have yet to live as you age. Things aren’t always what they seem. But for now, take your time and just be a child. Enjoy your friends, play with your toys, run wild and free on the lawn, laugh like there’s no tomorrow, and I assure you, the rest will follow. (more…)

I wake up every day to light kisses on my cheeks, my sleepy eyes, my lips, the tip of my nose, my forehead, and lastly, my bald head. Lately I have been waking to heaven. The sight of my Superman smiling at me when I open my eyes is simply amazing. This seems to have been my husband’s morning routine lately. And I’m not the one to complain about it. I took it all with open arms. Like I said, it was heaven. This routine actually made me feel loved and accepted (first thing every morning, sweet!): with or without hair.

To my Superman, thank you for seeing that I don’t wear my heart on my hair. And for being my bald buddy too. Thank you for making two bald heads better than one. You make this journey a lot easier.

I confess, Alopecia Areata has taken its toll on my confidence and self-esteem. I am a woman after all. For years I have learned to lock all my insecurities in one imaginary vault, and I have been successful, until I’ve had to face the world in my condition now. Before my Alopecia, I consider myself a confident woman, with enough esteem to blow anyone off their seat (or at least I had the guts to see myself that way, whether it’s true or not is another story).

Alopecia had burst my bubble, just like that. (more…)

“Bald as the bare mountain tops are bald, with a baldness full of grandeur.” – Matthew Arnold

One of the joys of having Alopecia Areata and opting for the bald path is the need to shave every few days. I decided I will not learn to shave my own head, and have my husband do it to me instead. This way he’d have some participation in the delights of my Alopecia, because I’m nice like that. I have also decided to refer to him as “Superman” on this blog, because he is my superman (and this is my lame attempt at flattering him). So, every couple of days I would be niggling Superman into shaving me, and he would oblige. It’s not like he has any other choice. Happy days.

And the ritual begins… (more…)

When I was in grade school, my dad would often brag to his friends how I’d promised to look after him when he’s all grey-haired and wrinkly. Being the youngest child of three, with 10 years of gap between me and my middle sister, I was the one closest to my father. My dad and I did everything together, from watching basketball games and wrestling matches to actually playing ball. He would even indulge me in my Barbie fantasy worlds from time to time. He was my playmate, while I was the son he never had. When I got old enough, he then became my debate opponent. We enjoyed intellectually stimulating each other this way, simple discussions of current events turn into hours of healthy debates. With envious eyes, my sisters used to tell me how our father never spent this much quality time with them when they were growing up. I was a proud Daddy’s girl. And I was going to take care of him when he’s old and grey. (more…)

Some people should really be reminded of their manners, from curious looks to downright stare fest, seriously. I have been getting this a lot lately. Yes, I am bald. Yes, I’m a woman. No, it wasn’t by choice that I’m bald. No, I’m not on Chemotherapy. Yes, those are extra-bald patches you see scattered all over the backside of my head. Yes, it’s a disease; and before you give me that look, no, it’s not infectious. It’s Alopecia Areata. Google it. Get over it.