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I’m walking on the shore with bare feet, enjoying the grainy sand and the sea on this glorious afternoon. I immerse my feet in the water as I contemplate in the wonder of the sea meeting land. Staring into the vast horizon, I deeply inhale the salty air. I feel like I am floating, or I may be flying. I hop, skip, and sometimes even trip. The sun will set soon and I’m basking in what’s left of its heat.

I hear two pairs of feet following beside me, and a playful growl by no one else but Sakura, our Akita dog. I run and she sprints after me. I could almost hear my laughter surround the entire beach. I stop to catch my breath, resting my hands on my knees. Sakura leaps up to fill my face with wet kisses. I smile and hug her. (more…)


picture this

Picture this: My husband and I, happily strolling at the mall and just going about our shopping business when suddenly three children between the ages of 7 and 10 surfaced in front of us. No big deal, right? Except these children were pointing their fingers at me, calling me “baldy” while laughing their hearts out. Funny – not. Grabbing my husband’s hand and ignoring the children, we ran to the nearest shop for refuge. Lo and behold, the children ran after us to continue laughing at me and calling me names. Where were their parents when I needed them? And why can’t things like this happen in secluded places where there won’t be people to witness me butcher these children? Fortunately we were relatively near our parking space, so we ran towards our car like I was running after my sanity.

Dad and Me


I went to my parents’ house yesterday morning and this was how I was welcomed…

I asked my mom if they had breakfast already, she said yes and that she already went upstairs to my dad’s room to give him his breakfast as well. I then went up to my dad’s room for a quick check.

DAD: I’m going to die here. I may be dead already.

We were on a mission, and it was something close to impossible too. The goal was to get our father out of the house, to bring him to the beach. My father NEVER leaves his house, unless he’d like to escape for a quick trip to the nearby store – that’s the farthest he would get. He was never with us on our family trips; he’d rather stay home, and he never runs out of excuses – true story.

Another true story – my Dada grew up in a farm near the beach where he used to spend his spare time at. He adores the blue ocean (or used to). I was also told that he was a very good swimmer. All I heard were stories; I have not witnessed this yet.

My middle sister flew all the way from United Kingdom to spend a few weeks with our aging parents. The timing can’t be more perfect! So on this day, we have decided to push through with our mission before it’s all too late… For several days we have been convincing him about this trip, and he would tirelessly reject the idea; until finally, on the night before the set date, I was able to persuade him to come with us. Our excitement must have rubbed off on him; he was suddenly anxious to see the sunrise and sunset by the beach. To our delight, everything was at last set; this trip was going to be all about our father. (more…)

Mocking Innocence

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Photo credit: kittysyellowjacket

Photo credit: kittysyellowjacket

I give you another crazy snippet from our downtime weekend.

I was happily web surfing on my laptop, seated on the foot end of my side of the bed, my back resting against the wall; while my husband is on his side of the bed, not unusually glued to the tube. Our feet were almost touching, but not quite.

Suddenly I felt skin tapping several times on my toes. I looked up, and the tapping stopped. A quick glance at my husband showed his display of intense concentration on the TV. Hmmm…

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Again, I looked up, and there’s a vision of complete innocence from my husband. His feet were a few inches far enough from mine, carefully placed on his side of the bed.

Two can play at this game!

With a mischievous grin, I reached my right foot towards his left leg, mercilessly pinching him with my toes as many times as I could. He looked at me, laughing hard while in pain.

Husband: “Stop it!”

Me: “You stop it!”

Husband: “Stop what? You stop it!”

Me: “Stop messing with me! Stop it! Stop it! Or suffer from the wrath of my pinching toes!”

My husband then reached out to me and said: “Kiss?”

Laughing to myself, I happily gave in and replied: “Fine! Kiss.”

A quick delicious peck on the lips, then I was back on my laptop, and he was glued back on his TV show.

Clearly, anything can be resolved with a kiss (if only North Korea would agree…).

A few beats later, my husband’s at it again, tapping my toes silly. I gave him my best version of a stern look, and there he was at his finest hour of mocking innocence.

This means war.


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My husband and I sitting side by side on our bed; him watching his favorite TV series on the laptop with headset on, while I’m happily enjoying the quiet, engrossed in my book.

I’d hear my husband’s hearty laughter. I’d look at him sideways, frowning. He would then explain why he was laughing, and then give me a peck on the cheek. I’d smile, then return to my book.

I’d interrupt him, and tell him I’m thirsty and would very much appreciate a glass of Coke. He’d pause his show, and then fetch me my drink. When he returns, I’d kiss him as a “thank you” gesture. He’d smile and get back to watching.

Another bout of laughter from the man, another “look” from me, he’d hold my hand and squeeze it gently with a huge grin on his face, and with a sigh of contentment I’d go about my reading.

He would then tell me his tummy is growling for a slice of pie. I’d lay my tablet down, get up and fetch two slices of pies from the kitchen, one for each of us. I’d hand his to him, he’d mouth his thank you.  I’d reply with my sweetest smile, and resume reading.

He’d find my hand somewhere in between his watching and my reading and absent-mindedly caress it.

Repeat several times for hours.


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My child,

I have decided to write you letters while Daddy and I are anxiously awaiting for your arrival in our lives. I should have thought of this early on but I got too caught up with the excitement and anticipation. I want to tell you how I’m feeling having you inside my body. I want to share all the physical changes, the emotions and the psychological drama I am going through. All for you sweety, all for you.

When your Daddy and I found out about you last December 28, 2008, we were in awe; we still are. I couldn’t even begin to express how much joy we had in our hearts, we still do. You are God’s gift to us. His answer to our prayers. I am finally pregnant. My breasts have been sore for days and I was supposed to have my monthly period on the 22nd. All the signs point me towards being pregnant. But there were doubts, I’ll be honest with you. I will never lie to you my child. We will have a very honest relationship. You can count on that from Mommy… We had doubts that this could be a false alarm. The positive line on the pregnancy test was too vague like it was teasing us, mocking our intense desire to finally have you in our lives sweety. We tested twice, and twice we had the same result. It was almost like a déjà vu. I had the same experience with your elder sibling,  Orange. I pray Orange is with the Lord now, watching over us. Orange is our family’s angel now. No matter how comforting it is to know that Orange is with God now, I still CAN NOT let you and I go through the same ordeal Orange and I have. I simply can not lose you as well… Daddy and I have waited so long for you. We have been dreaming of you. We have been longing for you sweety… (more…)