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Dad and Me


I went to my parents’ house yesterday morning and this was how I was welcomed…

I asked my mom if they had breakfast already, she said yes and that she already went upstairs to my dad’s room to give him his breakfast as well. I then went up to my dad’s room for a quick check.

DAD: I’m going to die here. I may be dead already.


Mocking Innocence

Posted: April 7, 2013 in Fragments
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Photo credit: kittysyellowjacket

Photo credit: kittysyellowjacket

I give you another crazy snippet from our downtime weekend.

I was happily web surfing on my laptop, seated on the foot end of my side of the bed, my back resting against the wall; while my husband is on his side of the bed, not unusually glued to the tube. Our feet were almost touching, but not quite.

Suddenly I felt skin tapping several times on my toes. I looked up, and the tapping stopped. A quick glance at my husband showed his display of intense concentration on the TV. Hmmm…

Tap. Tap. Tap.

Again, I looked up, and there’s a vision of complete innocence from my husband. His feet were a few inches far enough from mine, carefully placed on his side of the bed.

Two can play at this game!

With a mischievous grin, I reached my right foot towards his left leg, mercilessly pinching him with my toes as many times as I could. He looked at me, laughing hard while in pain.

Husband: “Stop it!”

Me: “You stop it!”

Husband: “Stop what? You stop it!”

Me: “Stop messing with me! Stop it! Stop it! Or suffer from the wrath of my pinching toes!”

My husband then reached out to me and said: “Kiss?”

Laughing to myself, I happily gave in and replied: “Fine! Kiss.”

A quick delicious peck on the lips, then I was back on my laptop, and he was glued back on his TV show.

Clearly, anything can be resolved with a kiss (if only North Korea would agree…).

A few beats later, my husband’s at it again, tapping my toes silly. I gave him my best version of a stern look, and there he was at his finest hour of mocking innocence.

This means war.


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mom and me

Three in the afternoon, I texted my mom that I was home alone and that I was unusually craving for vegetables and fish for dinner; just a random text message to pass time by. Half an hour later, I received a text message from my mother: is it ok if she comes over to bring me the vegetables and fish I was craving for? Hell yes!

And at that very instance, it dawned on me how close my relationship with my mom has become over the past months. I have never felt this good about being someone’s daughter and this grateful to still have a mother to call my own. (more…)

I’m a thirty-something adult now, and every day I keep wishing that someone has warned and equipped me with enough wisdom to help me survive this thing called life. So I am writing this to the child that I was (yep, that 3-year-old seductress in the picture was me!), in the hopes that someone out there could actually benefit from the little knowledge I have learned so far.

Don’t rush growing up. Believe me when I tell you this, nothing could ever surpass the joys of being a child. You are probably feeling so helpless now; feeling responsible for your parents’ troubles and unable to do much about it with your very young and innocent mind. Sweetie, none of these problems was your fault. Their problems were never yours to mind in the first place. You are a child, go and play with your friends – that is what you are supposed to do. Let the grownups do their thing. And if they have failed your expectations in any way, know that they, too, are children sometimes. They could be just as clueless as you are too. Forgive them, for in time you will see that everything happens for a reason. Know that there is a much bigger scheme in this life you have yet to live as you age. Things aren’t always what they seem. But for now, take your time and just be a child. Enjoy your friends, play with your toys, run wild and free on the lawn, laugh like there’s no tomorrow, and I assure you, the rest will follow. (more…)

I wake up every day to light kisses on my cheeks, my sleepy eyes, my lips, the tip of my nose, my forehead, and lastly, my bald head. Lately I have been waking to heaven. The sight of my Superman smiling at me when I open my eyes is simply amazing. This seems to have been my husband’s morning routine lately. And I’m not the one to complain about it. I took it all with open arms. Like I said, it was heaven. This routine actually made me feel loved and accepted (first thing every morning, sweet!): with or without hair.

To my Superman, thank you for seeing that I don’t wear my heart on my hair. And for being my bald buddy too. Thank you for making two bald heads better than one. You make this journey a lot easier.

I confess, Alopecia Areata has taken its toll on my confidence and self-esteem. I am a woman after all. For years I have learned to lock all my insecurities in one imaginary vault, and I have been successful, until I’ve had to face the world in my condition now. Before my Alopecia, I consider myself a confident woman, with enough esteem to blow anyone off their seat (or at least I had the guts to see myself that way, whether it’s true or not is another story).

Alopecia had burst my bubble, just like that. (more…)


1st of June, 1999 was when it all started – my rebirth, my second life. I killed myself. Grabbed a blade and slashed my wrist countless times. I made a crucifix figure on my wrist. I thought that will do the trick… and it did… almost.

My suicide note was this: (more…)

As soon as my laptop comes to life, the first window I usually open is often dedicated to my Facebook account, my stalking prowess always getting the better of me. I wasn’t too surprised to see my newsfeed invaded by an assortment of pictures of all sorts of flowers, in all sorts of colours. Almost felt like the twilight zone, except it was Valentine’s Day. I fought the urge to run to the nearest garden in my neighbourhood and snap pictures of their flowers just so I could upload my share as well, or not. Between the lovely flower pictures, some of my Facebook friends have actually managed to squash in a few dinner pictures. Great, they ordered steak for Valentine’s! How sweet is that?